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     At this point in my life I must say that I feel extremely grateful for the opportunities that have come my way...turned 60 this past Feb & have played in one kinda musical deal or another for over 50 years now ! 

     Altho I haven't made "The Big Time" as a musician & haven't made tons of money either, I have attained an "almost semi-famous" status...this is an expression I coined when Ian Taylor & I were working as "The Computones" in Hawaii in the mid 80's  !   see ad  >  >  >  >  >  >  >  >  > 
     When I played with Jan Brenner's Band  in 1982-3 we performed for more than 10,000 people at the Waikiki Shell & I was on Hawaiian Television a number of times. 
     This musical journey just keeps getting better with each year.  I've never gotten to the point where I  "hate my JOB" !  And... I didn't go thru any alcohol or drug rehab programs as so many musicians have !  

     I have also been fortunate to become a Tai Chi Instructor working with seniors in South Orange Co., California since 2002.  It is truly gratifying to help people who have had health issues & have now improved their balance, coordination, concentration & reduced stress with the practice of Tai Chi. 
     In 2006 I became a Laughter Yoga Leader which has also produced some funny sessions...all aimed at promoting better health thru...laughing !   Ho, Ho...Ha Ha Ha !!!

     So, in conclusion...I get paid to play my guitar, excercise doing tai chi & laughing !  Life is good ! 

     I noticed some years ago that bands that were around in the 60's were appearing on internet websites telling their stories with interviews, pictures & newspaper articles....so finally I decided to make a contribution...some of the people that I knew of and even worked with were:  Denny Turner of Hawaii with his group The Outcasts from Texas, Rex Gregory of  Zachary Thaks fame, also from Texas...Denise Kaufman of The Ace of Cups - all girl band of San Francisco (opened for Jimi Hendrix in Golden Gate  Park !), Greg Douglass of The Virtures & Country Weather bands..and another Contra Costa County favorite :  Frumious Bandersnatch...anyway there are stories to be told & pictures to be seen....  

     For my presentation of the years I spent playing music...go to
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"New Yawker" Steel Guitar made by Bob Littleton - West Coast Steel Guitar

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