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 The one on the left is an unknown... c. 1900 
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You can also watch a video I made with lots of fotos of  bandmates & friends from my "olden" daze in Waikiki....click on this link: "Waikiki".

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 ( can even play guitar with his eyes closed ! ) 


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Hey Ross....I was surfing along googling the COMPUTONES thinking about you & Ian and then found your web site. It was fun to read all your stuff...you've been a busy boy. I enjoyed the photos ESPECIALLY the one I am in when we shot that video with jan. I have the Pith helmet on. I am sad you didn't mention your favorite MANAGER for the Computones = ME! I am glad you are well and happy...as I am too. Aloha Glenn Steinberg www.artbyglenn.com artbyglenn@gmail.com
Glenn Steinberg
February 6,2015
Edmonds, Washington (where weed is OK) United States

Randy Miller was my brother. Would love to have copies of any pictures you may have of him. He passed away 12/13/13.
Diane Miller
December 27,2014
United States

Hello, My name is Norman Smith(master), I have 2 schools in the Phila area. I have studied Tai chi/ Kung fu since '73, I am very well known on the east cost and I've taught many students who have won gold medals in china. My main Style of Tai chi is Traditional Sun Style (97 / 98) form plus Sun Straight Sword as well as Tai Chi Combined forms such as 42, 48 forms and weapons etc . I would like to offer to teach you with a seminar on any forms you like to learn. I was watching your group form and I would like to offer my help, I teach both Sun style forms with are influence by Baqua & Hsing I. The Baqua version is much more flowing and is a rare form to see . If you would agree for me to come and show you would be very pleased. thank you again.
Norman Smith
March 2,2014
Phila, pa

Aloha Ross! Just a shout out - checked out the website, which is great! - haven't watched the videos yet; I want to wait til Keali'i is here; I think he'll love them. I totally enjoyed meeting you and your music today... and thanks for giving Jack a ride! Blessings to you and yours...Sandra
Sandra Gabriele
May 17,2012
Kalihiwai, Kaua'i

What a great site! I was friends with Lisa in high school and her college roommate Freshman year college. We lost touch with each other. I just learned she died and started doing some web browsing to re-connect in some way. The family pictures are wonderful.
Donna Amos Paul
January 31,2012
West Hills, CA

Hi Ross, wild finding you online like this! Nice to see pics of you and my dad on here too. Glad you are doing well. I see your sis is in Brockley. I had a store there for a couple of years. Interesting local pub there, the Brockley Barge, where the "afflicted" of Brockley go to drown their woes... Small world Jean & Nick's son, Jared
Jared Cravens
June 5,2011
Texas, USA and London, UK

Hey, wheres the pictures of my group at Keones? You forgot we worked together? Saw Bill at a seminar here today. Said to look up your website. Great job. Aloha old friend, Al Romero
November 6,2010
Honoluluy, Hawaii

Ross, Does Linda know how you spend your days? Hahaha! I won't tell. Great work and a lot of fun! Your partner in music and fun, Bill
Uncle Billy
November 11,2009
xiamen, China till december

Met you and your laughing buddies at the LAguna tide pool rocks on Sunday. Fantasit idea... laughing club can make everyone feel better. I asked about a Wm. Lambourne, my father , fifty uears in Laguna. A few knew of him... He was pres of the planning commission that ran the comprehensive planning for the city. Main Beach Park, and Laguna Canyon changes in the past thirty years gott started in that process... He did not do it; but he brought the process to Laguna so the town could do it over time.. Enuf of that. You said Lambourn... Robert... Pennsylvania... Edith Blackborn Hazlehurst.... What a connection. I would like to make the historical and geneological match with the book and family you mentioned. We are a disperate clan. Part in the east; Alfred Lambourne , most notable in the west. HE was a fabulous artist. Please look him up...on google, of course. I was in Lambourn, Berkshire this past summer. I feel a growing sense of belonging and family never felt before. Lets e-mail and share some info. Thanks. Jim Lambourne
James Lambourne
August 4,2009
Mesa , Arizona

pat salvador
June 15,2009
new orleans, LA

April 8,2009

Aloha Ross! I hope you remember from your Tai Chi and exercise classes! We've moved to Hawaii a few months ago and just love it! I do miss you and your classes, though. I have not found a relacement yet. Any suggestions? I would love to hear from you! Please give my Aloha to the ladies and gent in San Clemente! Carol.
Carol Davis aka Carol Ross
January 20,2009
Kaneohe, Hawaii

Hey Ross ! ....Just wanted you to know I enjoyed your website. I followed the link from the OCS. Keep making beautiful music, and, I wish you enough,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Rick
Richard S Armour
December 27,2008

Hi Ross, this is just to thank you for having classes and also for holding them outside. but especially for giving your time , the times that you don't have to. Also I really like the way you teach and I am sure I am not alone in this . I am grateful when you start out letting us know the movement we will be doing as we go into them. This is SO helpful. I do like it when we can all do it together in silence, too. It does as you say give one a chance to "zone". But you saying "single whip to the right" or "left hand on top" every one of those phrases is a jewel in the whole movement and keeps things focused fluid and whole. I am sure I am not the only one whose body responds to the instructions that you trigger in our heads. anyway thank you. I am truly grateful for your gift to teach. I sub-taught for 5 years, so my gratitude comes from knowing that finding the words to connect aren't always there. merry christmas....happy holidays. mary
mary meyer
December 17,2008
san juan capistrano, CA

Ross Costa made our pary fun! He listened to my requests and made sure he did them and did them well. His equipment made it sound like an entire band was at our party. He came on time and everything went like I wanted it too. My family and quests said that having Ross really made the difference and was fun for our entire family to dance and sing to! Thank You Ross !
diane brink
November 9,2008
carlsbad, CA

just a short note from one of your students on the e-mail list. I wanted to thank you for all that is on you-tube. I enjoyed your auto-bio and I have watched all your tai chi and related videos tons of times. I really get a lot from them. I also want to say, and I am sure you have heard this alot, you are very talented as was your father.. so thanks for all you have shared with us. I learn more every class and every time I watch your videos. thanx, mary meyer
mary meyer
October 19,2008
san juan capistrano, CA

Hello- I was just browsing through the web images looking for Stillson Wrench pictures (an ancestor of mine invented the tool). I also noticed some old pictures of my Uncle Pat on your site. He hung your band picture on his fridge. I'm not sure if you know, but he passed away last summer. He was a great guitar player and some of my fondest memories are of when I would play my flute with him while he would strum away. Music is a great passion and it seems it is still with you. I enjoyed your site and the old pictures. Tina Johnson
tina johnson
October 19,2008
somewhere over the rainbow...

Hi Ross, If we don't promote ourselves, who will? Go for it. Thanks for keeping me informed. Nancy
nancy ota
August 15,2008
san clemente, CA

great video Ross!!!! Don't know how you did it, but was very impressed. thanks for sharing!! Kathy
kathy hayden
August 15,2008
Roanoke, VA

Ross, Glad you sent this - I've been meaning to tell you... The TV screen on you home page has a black strip on the left 1/3 of the screen - this is nothing new - I've just forgot to tell you about it. It loads fine and plays fine it's just got this black strip... perhaps it's the horizontal hold... I couldn't find the adjustment knob..... I like the later pics of you, Lisa and Michele - very nice!! Keep the updates coming. wow ! worldwide - far out, man... me
mark cleveland
August 15,2008
Battleground, WA

Hi Ross, That was a very nice video. I would like to hire your for everything. Although I have no $$ with which to pay you for anything that you could do for me. All my $$ has gone to the oil companies. er... I mean our governments current administration. Have a great summer. If we happen to go to CA. we will surely try to stop by and visit. Your Brah, Dale
dale clark
August 15,2008
Tucson, AZ

Hi Roscoe, Just viewed the video and checked out your site. I have such a slow connection speed I read the paper while the video was loading! Very cool! I like the harmonizing raccoons in the beginning. Thanks for pic and link to my website as well. I've sprayed the primer on your geetar and am getting ready to start color coating. Will try to remember to take a pic or two for you. Bob
bob littleton
August 15,2008
Camus, WA

Hello Ross! Just looked at you newest video, very nice...except the video of you singing and playing the sound is not synced with the picture !!! Other than that great JOB. Hope this finds all in good health, wealth and happiness. Linda and I are now both retired, we are loving it! Off to Alaska at end of July for a couple of weeks. Seven day northbound cruise then a week on land. Have a wonderful rest of the summer...say hi to old whatshername. Les
les peterson
August 15,2008
monrovia, CA

Hi Ross, I just had a look at the web page, and boy, you have done a lot of work. Maybe that is why your wrist is a hurtin. I clicked on many of the links and really enjoyed the music on the "influences page. I like that sliding sound on the guitar. A couple of times when I clicked on one of your special spots I got that "internet explorer has experienced a problem", maybe I need an updated version of quick time. Another thing, and I am not sure if this is the way you want it to go, each time I click on one of your special places then return to the home page the video starts to play again. So, I think your page is really fun. It is nice to know someone who is so open and so full of life. Anne
anne hamilton
August 15,2008
san juan capistrano, CA

Very cool!!! Nice music quality too!!!! PS... thanks for da plug!!!! Steve :-)
steve briggs
August 12,2008
belt, montana

I love all the work you have put on your site, it was lovely to see the pictures and your dedication to Dad.
miss edna cholmondley aka michele costa - your sister !
August 12,2008
brockley, england

Hi Ross, Just checked ou your new video. Nice and lively!!! Thanks for the classes and the video update. Barbara
Barbara King
July 16,2008
Mission Viejo

Yo swinger...."over the top" I'd say...you really rang the bell here!! Is this "semi-famous yet" ? I vote YES ! Thanks for including me.... pls give the family my best regards, swh
stephen huntington
July 15,2008
Laguna Beach

Love, love, love your website. I had looked at it before but it seems new and improved and really enjoyed seeing your history. As a young guy you look a lot like my Dad did. I'll show you a picture. Totally cool. Thanks for the memories. Carol
Carol Tomlinson
July 15,2008
Newport Beach, CA

Hey Ross, thanks for posting that picture with dad. You were a great friend and I really appreciate it. Hope you are doing well, Love, Eli
Elijah Stillson
May 23,2008
Seattle, Wa

Hey Ross - that was incredibly cool. Love your musical style - soooooo soothing....you have a lot of very relaxed people after listening to your music. Lily and Dick
Lily and Dick Davis
May 19,2008
Laguna Niguel, CA

just found your web site, thanks. Do you have a Thia chi video dvd for sale?
Denise Hossack
May 3,2008
Bega, New South Wales, Australia

Was looking up my Uncle 'Joe the Fiddler' on the web - fdiscovered your site with some great photos that I've never seen before -- very cool - thank you Ross for posting some excellent shots and fond memories. He loved slack key and 'CC' Kindest regards from the other hemisphere, Joe
Joe Bourque
February 12,2008
Wellington New Zealand

Ross, both Jay and I love your classes and both of us have benefitted from them. Unfortunately, I will be working M-Th, in the mornings, and will be unable to attend classes for the foreseeable future. I am truly going to miss them and you and all "the gang", but this appears to be the perfect p/t job for me at this time. On a positive note, I may be able to get to class on occasion...and Jay intermittently....hope to see you soon!! Love ya, Thia
Thia Neitzke
February 11,2008

Great site keep up the great work
February 6,2008
Calgary Alberta CAnada

Mondays are "Take Care of Me" days and I thoroughly enjoy the Tai Chi and exercise classes. I have not adopted daily routines into my life but have full intention to do so when I retire in June. Thanks for the happy 2 hours each week.
Katherine Brail
February 4,2008
San Clemente , CA

Ross, I am sooo glad that I joined your Monday morning Tai Chi Class for Beginners. You are an excellent instructor and it is fun to be in your class. You are very helpful in breaking down and explaining the movements. Your patience with newcomers like me is very much appreciated. I am looking forward to attending ongoing classes in February. Thank you so very much Martha Wisbacher
Martha Wisbacher
February 3,2008
San Clemente CA

Hi Ross, Thank you so much for all your hard work. We enjoy the Aerobic and Tai Chi classes very much. We have noticed a great improvement with our balance and we love the calmness after the Tai Chi class. We are looking forward to learning new exercises to improve our health and longivity.
Lili & Farzin Mohammadi
January 28,2008
Aliso Viejo, CA

I'm in 4 of your classes at San Clemente - tai chi on Monday and Wednesday and exercise/aerobics also on Monday and Wednesday. I just wanted to let you know that I enjoy your classes very much. You make them fun and interesting and thus easy to continue attending the sessions. It's hard to get motivated on my own, so going to your classes gets me going and makes it easier to stay "going". They are also very helpful to me as a senior, both physically and mentally. I like to play golf and sometimes play after the classes. Tai chi especially has improved my golf game. I have greater flexibility and concentration on the golf course after class and notice a definite improvement in my golf scores on those days I play after classes. The exercise/aerobics classes also make a difference in how I feel the rest of day - I feel better! Thanks for all your efforts and enthusiasm. Peggy
Peggy Kuehnert
January 25,2008
Dana Point, CA

Hi Ross Thank you for the Tai Chi videos and the great music. I really enjoy the excercise class and the Tai Chi class on Tuesdays. I've noticed that I have more energy and that I sleep a lot better. I appreciate how much fun you make the classes and the information that you share. Hope that you and your family have a very happy New Year...Barbara
Barbara King
January 16,2008
Mission Viejo, CA

Hi Ross, I really like your classes for several reasons: all of them start with a nice warm up and progress to challenging, each exercise has set number of repetitions and it help me to remember each movement. Thank you Ross ! Wishing you and the whole family a year filled with happiness, good health, peace and prosperity. Shin
Shin Hsu
January 15,2008
Laguna Niguel, Ca

Hi, Ross-Boss. What soothing music! When I enrolled in your classes in Feb 2007 I was suffering (and I still am) from a medical condition that affects my balance and mobility, among other things. It was serendipitous that just at that time the school catalog listing your courses arrived in my mail. I've not regretted joining up as I've benefitted every day from your instructions and guidance. I've relearned deep breathing methods hat indce relaxation and release of tensions in mind and body so that I can concentrate on maintaining my faulty balance and equilibrium. That all aids in my acquiring new skills in performing the various tai chi routines. During the past year I've noticed a definite and positive progression in my strength and stamina, such that I was able to go on quite arduous trips to some Third World sites. Another element your classes engender is the cameraderie among your students. There's always cheerful greetings, hugs, happy laughter, so that our hearts and souls are merrily uplifted, and we....feel....GOOD.....really.....really....really......GOOD!!!!!!
Nat Ciferri
January 8,2008
San Clemente, CA

Howdy, this is a great way to stay connected and see what's up. I am in my office at Buffalo State College and the music provides an excellent background as I am working on preparations for another semester. By the way, we are building a house in Orchard Park. Tell all I said hello - Nephew Kevin
Kevin Miller
January 8,2008
Buffalo, NY

Ross - Loved "The Early Years" !! Great to see those old pics of some of our fellow classmates. Brought back lots of memories. And you have a fantastic website too!
Kathy Kurtz
January 2,2008

Hey Ross - Great web site! I check it every now and then to see the updates. I, of course, like the oldies stuff from the our childhood days. It's fab being in contact with you after all these years. Lets get together this spring. - Mark
Mark Cleveland
December 30,2007
Battle Ground, WA

Hi Ross Enjoyed your video. Didn't realize how talented you are. What a wonderful time you must have had in Hawaii. Watching and seeing the pictures of the Tai Chi classes makes for inspiration to get more involved. Are the black "Tai Chi" T-shirts available for sale? See you in class in a week or so when all the holiday celebrations are over and we get back to the norm. Hope you and your family had a great holiday.
Henrietta Kincer
December 30,2007
San Juan Capistrano, CA

Hey there buddy....how's the Hula life in SoCal ??? Hope you and the family are having a swell Xmas...here we go into 08........can't wait to see what's around that corner... All the best to all of you....Merry Christmas ! swh
stephen huntington
December 26,2007
Laguna Beach

Hi Ross, Hope you had a great Christmas, It is good to hear from you say Hi to Linda and the boys. Big news is that we will be moving to Rochester New York in the the new year. Take Care Suzanne
suzanne green
December 25,2007

Lots of fun checking out your website. Loved all the 70's photo's and stuff. Will have to write you sometime about my BB King stories, and also my stint as the head of the "Bummer Squad" @ Anaheim Stadium R&R concerts during the 70's.
Anne Hamilton
December 24,2007
San Clemente

My first time on your site. I enjoyed it and I learned so much about you and your music. See you in Tai Chi
December 23,2007
Dana Point

Ross, Very cool! You're getting pretty good at this computer stuff. You should have your awesome Christmas music / songs playing on the website this time of year. In fact, it just reminded me to get your wonderful Christmas CD from 1981(?) out and listen to it for the rest of the holiday season. Merry Christmas!
John C. Sage
December 23,2007
Laguna Niguel, Ca.

Aloha Ross, Your web site is pretty good. I have been listening to the music and going to different sites for the past hour!! I will miss our classes but will try to do some Tai Chi at home. Happy New Year!
Lili M.
December 23,2007
Aliso Viejo, CA

Hi Ross - We really miss you and the tai chi class and can't wait to get back to California in February. See you then! We're waving hands like clouds, Gus and Bev
Gus and Bev Silveira
December 19,2007
Fairhaven, MA

Aloha Ross, I finally had a chance to check out your new website...mahalo for the greeting! Now that I am an avid student of tai-chi...aroebics.. physical fitness of yours, I can hardly wait to become proficient at ukelele playing when you can fit it into your schedule!
Kapiolani Lacoche
December 19,2007
San Clemente, Ca.

Mele Kaliki Maka, Ross. Can't wait for the New Year and your new classes.
Dick Davis
December 18,2007
Laguna Niguel, CA

I was in pain with Arthritis on my right hand and arm. I signed up for Tachi and what a relief. I now take Tachi, Balance and Mobility, and Aerobic classes. Thank you Ross, my pain is gone for now.
Sumi Maruyama
December 18,2007
Dana Point, CA.

Hi Ross, Spiffing Dahling. Looks good from this side of The Pond too. Keep up the good work you're doing a great job well done Sir Smed.
Lesley Roberts
December 18,2007
Marchamley, England - Overlooking Cholmondley!

Great stuff! I enjoy your class. See you in 2008.
Jean Thompson
December 18,2007
San Juan Capistrano

Ross, I'm always waiting to see what new additions you have on your site. Merry Christmas, Norma
Norma Strother
December 18,2007
Dana Point, CA

Hi Ross! No, I have not fallen off the face of the earth. With two more trips and patrolling for Police Services on Tuesdays, I haven't made it to class. BUT, I will in the New Year. I miss it. Your website is TERRIFIC! I haven't checked out everything yet, but I look forward to it. I like "your song." Merry Christmas!
Jo Johnson
December 18,2007
Laguna Niguel, CA

this is a test... what a swell website ! ciao 4 now, ross
ross costa
November 18,2007
laguna niguel, ca