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Music Influences in my lifetime...
starting at the beginning...early 50's !
My Parents: Laurence & Grace (Dee) Costa
Danny Kaye, Julius La Rosa, Disney & Bozo
the Clown !
My Band teacher, Mr. Pendelton
Elvis, Duane Eddy & the rockabilly guys
Hank Marvin & the Shadows    
The Beach Boys, The Lively Ones &
The Ventures
The Beatles, Stones, Animals, Yardbirds 
& Kinks
William Penn & his Pals - Mike Shapiro, guitar
The 3 Kings: B.B., Albert & Freddie
Jimmy Reed, Bobby Blue Bland       
Eric Clapton, John Mayall
Bob Dylan & lots of other folkies
Jerry Garcia, John Chippolino
Jerry Byrd - steel guitar teacher 
Brian Setzer & Mark Knopfler    
Ian Taylor, fellow Computone 1985-1988  
Larry Carlton & Lee Rocker

You're listening to my version of
"Theme forYoung Lovers" by
Hank Marvin & the Shadows
B.B. King by artist Chris Duggan of England

 Christmas present to me from me sis Michele 2001
 Check out this Bill Haley video featuring
Nick Masters on lead guitar  

 Hello chums, allow me to introduce myself...
Trying to sell the lads my "Greatest Hits" album...
 foto doctoring by
Chris Duggan, England
 Helping Bob come up with a title for a new song... 
 more tomfoolery by Chris Duggan...  
 you just never know where that bounder will show up !  
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