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TROPICAL NITES is my current musical duo...this is a demo mix of several songs I recorded "live" with Pat Salvador in 2002. 

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What's that thing, Dad ?


This album contains 24 songs & can be purchased for $10 !

This is one my all time "favs", the steel guitar classic "Sand" by Andy Iona


 My sister Michele lives near London, England & a coupla years ago she & her friends decided to have a Bob Dylan Birthday Party so I recorded this & sent it over for the party.  It's my rendition of "Like a Rolling Stone" ....yeah, Bob & I go way  back...check out our picture together on the Influences page...


     This is a "fab" Hank Marvin & the Shadows song, "Theme for Young Lovers"...an old high school chum, Mark Cleveland sent me the Shadows final concert 2004 DVD & I started learning some of these great songs...it also got me playing in 1st position with open strings & "sharp" keys again...I guess over the years I've done lots of songs in horn keys, ya know, the "flat" keys !  so this is fun, thanks Mark !  Go Shads !

 This is another song I sent to the "Bob Fest" in England...It's my version of Jimi Hendrix's version of Bob Dylan's version of "All Along the Watchtower".  Ya Dig ?


     This beautiful song "Waikiki" was written by Andy Cummings while he was on tour in Lansing Michigan.  It was a cold & foggy nite & he missed the warmth & beauty of Waikiki.  I'm playing a Jerry Byrd "Fry Pan" Steel Guitar on this one.

 I wrote this song in 1986 as a tribute to Jerry Lee Lewis.  There was a line in a "B" grade British movie & a woman said, "Well, that Jerry Lee Lewis is still playing that Wild Boogie Rock" !  and I thot, hmmm, great title for a song... Ian Taylor did a masterful job of sequencing the tune for me !

  if you can tell me the name of that movie I'll send you a free CD !      send me an email at rossini05 @hotmail.com

This is Pat Salvador & me doing our version of "Harlem Nocturne" from our "live" demo CD recorded in 2002.   Anyone remember "Mike Hammer" ? 


This is one of Louis Jordan's most popular songs & BB King did a tribute album to him which is brilliant !  This is our version of "Choo Choo Cha Boogie".


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