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 In 2006 I became a certified Laughter Yoga Leader from Dr. Madan Kataria's program.  Research has shown that laughter is very beneficial for the body & mind...it releases the endorphins in the brain...stimulates the lungs &  circulatory system...exercises the "core" muscles &....it's FUN !!! 

 Come see what all the buzz is about...Oprah even had a session this past year ! 

Good News, Laffers !

New Class just started 6/22/9 at the Mission Viejo Norman P. Murray  Center in Mission Viejo, CA which is located at 24932 Veterans Way.  (Marguerite & La Paz)

The Class is held on Mondays at 3pm - ask at the desk which room it is held in...as the location sometimes changes !  Come Laff with us !


 Here's the World Laughter Yoga Day 2010 video for your perusal...

 Click on pic...


 this is the Laguna Laughter Club that meets everyday in

 Laguna Beach, CA - for more info: 


  Kyoto, Japan - 1978