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Tai Chi

Instructor Troyce Thome's site Tai Chi for Health

Dr. Paul Lam's site  Tai Chi Productions

Instructor Lesley Robert's site (England)   Lifestyle Taichi 

You're listening to my version of Andy Iona's "Sand...I have a video which features lots of fotos of Hawaii &"Sand" playing in the background...check out "My YouTube videos"...mahalo plenty !




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Beautiful steels & more at Bob Littleton's West Coast Steel Guitar

Boyett's Glass Bars for the steel guitar players out there... they're smooth as silk with mucho sustain !


Nick Masters with Haley's Comets video - 1974

Bill Rhyne  with his group The Coronados

Jim Passard with his group The Alley Cats

Steve Briggs pulled up stakes & now lives in Montana !

Denny Turner of Denny's Guitars in Hawaii

Garage Punk Forums - lots of bands from yesteryear !

 will add more later...



Laughter Yoga

Founder Dr. Madan Kataria's site Laughter Yoga

Sebastian Gendry's  American School of Laughter Yoga  in Los Angeles, California

Jeffrey Briar's Laughter Yoga Institute in North Laguna Beach, California  (meets dailySunday thru Fri on the beach at 8:00am - Saturdays 4:30pm below the Gazebo by Las Brisas Restaurant)

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