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 Performing as a soloist or a duo I believe that ...
"Variety is the spice of life"...
 I like to play all kinds of music...never get bored that way 
 & I'm always learning new tunes, well,
 old tunes usually...one's that I've always wanted to do ! 

 Electric & Acoustic Guitar, Hawaiian Steel Guitar, Yamaha WX5 Wind Controller, Ukulele, Electric Bass, Keyboards & Harmonica

  Midi Programming...and remember:  "Time & Midi Sequences Wait 4 No Man" !

   Rock, Blues, Jazz, Country, Hawaiian, Pop, Swing & Oldies  

 performing for parties, weddings & golf tournaments !

  So, bottom line:  Give me room full of people who want  
 to dance & we'll make it happen !  
 We aim to please & make people happy !



  I've worked with some great sax players over the years:  

  Pete Dovidio & Chet Christopher in Hawaii  
 Pat Salvador, Steve Briggs, Sarah Underwood & Dannie Hofmann in California
& NOW ... Ta Da !   Stan 'The Man' Pomeroy !

  Ross "The Boss" Costa


 Stan "The Man" Pomeroy



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