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1965 Buick Sportwagon





Corvette 350 Engine

 350 engine left side



 700 R4 Transmission


     I am the second owner of this beauty...the original owner was Eddy Manson, the Oscar award winning musician & composer of the "The Little Fugitive" for Disney in 1956 !  I purchased the car from Eddy in l989 & since I am also a musician & composer I feel like it's stayed in the right family !

      I rebuilt the original engine in 1994 & junked that one 3 years ago & put a Corvette 350 crate engine (290 hp) with a 700R4 tranny & a 3.73 Currie rear end.  

     I've always loved those big, bold Buicks & even wrote a song about 'em called "The Land of the Buicks" with former partner Ian Taylor when I lived in Hawaii in l986 !  I had a '73 Century wagon back then that was a beautiful burgandy red & it got us to a lot of gigs around Oahu...

 The previous color was "Cayman Green" 1992-2008 (original color was "Champagne Mist" 1965-1992)

 Painted "Medium Red Pearl" August 2008  


 Currie Rear End



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