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This page is dedicated to the guy that got me started years & years ago...

My Dad - Laurence H. Costa�

�An artist, musician & a true gentleman who left this world way too early at the age of 45...

�Thanks for the time we had together & the gifts you provided.

��He was a student of Frederic M. Grant, an impressionist of some renown.

�Michele, Lisa, Grace (Dee), Ross & Laurence Costa...Christmas 1958�

���This is the house my dad designed in Orinda, CA in 1956�




�A Still Life with People



�My Dad always did something special at the front door for Christmas

�This was 1962


�This�impressionistic style painting�of his was our Aunt Rosie's Ranch in Martinez, CA�& was painted�in the early 50's...�I added the Buick Christmas�tree�Ornament !



�These were clay mosaics he carved in 1958

�Christmas Pajamas & Dad's Front Door Decorations�-�1958 & 59 !

COSTA_KIDZ_58.png�� COSTA_KIDZ_59.png

�Here we are a few years�later in 1984�!�������


First I dabbled in oils�- age 6

�Then came�Water Color�with Pen & Ink - age 16




� � ��ForChristmas - age 7�

�Castle in Europe - age 16�

�so...I guess I settled on Pen &�Ink or just a plain ol' pencil as my favorite medium. �I drew these first sketches in 1998 when my son Patrick was� interested in drawing...we would each work on something before bed time. �I found these Piggy pics in one of his books & did my� own versions of 'em !�

�The rest are drawn from my own "fertile" imagination...

pig eating.jpg

pig & his lord.jpg


�These are�cartoons�I made for my Masters in Public Health Oral Exam in Hawaii in 1976.� I also dressed up like Groucho in "Horsefeathers" & threw a few barbs at the faculty...all in fun of course...well, I graduated as usual without honors� !

�I guess it shows how I felt growing up feeling the pressures of parents & school. �My bum had�felt the sting of paddling on many occasions by the time I graduated from 8th grade !� That's when teachers & principals were allowed to administer that kind of punishment !

�Turning the Screws...�


�A pair of songs from my Kidz Music Album - The Magic is in You



Barn in Martinez  - age 10 


�Larry the Palamino - age 10 �


 a sketch for large magic trick (that never materialized !)  


 And now for something a little bigger...

 I start out with a few sketches, then transfer to plywood & then cut them out with a sabre saw...add a little paint - done ! 



  Christmas 2010 

XMAS HOUSE 05 FRONT 2 -small.jpg

 added 'surfer dude' & christmas tree - 2015   


 surfer dude !  



 new for 2017 - mrs. claus & new guitar !  



���Ah, yes...And now�about those Cholomondleys...�

The inspiration for the Cholmondleys came from�the Monty Python�record - "Not this Record !"� My� sister Michele was visiting me in Hawaii after graduating from the UC Santa Cruz Drama Dept. in 1981 & my girlfriend Leslie�bestowed this�life changing record upon us...With our flair for�stodgy British accents & our devoted altruism we quickly invented "England's� Most Do-Gooding-est Couple" - Smedley & Edna Cholmondley !� Smed� created�brilliant inventions that would benefit mankind & Edna dubbed herself the "Eternal Optometrist" for her unwavering faith in�humanity.� Actually, she became the "Queen of�Malaprops" when she was in 5th grade & announced� that, "Magellan had 'circumsized' the world"...our�mother Dee��suggested� "circumnavigated" in it's place...Michele, I mean Edna,�has not slowed down one bit &�continues to wreak havoc on the English language with her malaprops &�mispronunciations !

����Growing up with comic books & cartoons from Disney & Warner Bros. I was naturally drawn�into "line art drawing" !�
� �I was especially wowed with Mort Drucker & "the usual�gang of idiots" from Mad Magazine.� For a while there I was�
� constantly drawing the Don Martin characters on everything !� (his weren't as hard as Drucker's !)� It amazed me�how
� a few well placed lines could convey emotions & action !�� So I kept plugging away & this is what I have to show for it
� ...this is my "arty" side !�

 This is some sort of demonstration of "knowing" a health related behavior & actually "doing" it in real life...the guy needs some sort of"Bridge" to help him ! 


This was taken from a panel of cartoons which I did to advertise my kidz music album

The Magic is in You� - "Take a Look" was to encourage reading !


�This is�the guy who wandered around planting apple�seeds !


���This was a T-Shirt I designed for Dee Chapon's "Partners in Health" Group

�If you can tell me the name of the song here...I'll send you a free album from Tropical�Nites with 23 songs on it !� note: the last note is a clunker !�� I designed this logo for� biz cards, T-shirts & our bowling team shirts...well, we talked about getting a team together !

The Computones cartoons were drawn to remember certain "lessons" that�we learned while traveling down the musical road of life...in Ka'a'awa-land,� Hawaii�- 1985-1988�

cowboy guitarist.jpg

big rabbit.jpg

�These are "thumbnail" sketches without all those messy thumbnails ! ��

�A sign I made for Dee's office�...That's Dee & Me in '83 !

hippie daze.jpg

�Fun with circles...pen & ink...what do you see ?

This is poster I made for the "White Stallion Band" in 1979...I played guitar & sang out at a fun little road house in Ewa Beach !�



�My entry into the political cartooning realm...1992 !

�What is it with my fascination of Pigs ?

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